Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Twins

Brianna & Brenlie in their western shirt
Nanna "T" got them at NFR 2009

Brainna & Brenlie with their Valentine's
Bears from Daddy & Puppies from Aunt Linda

Brianna looking very pretty for Mommy

Brianna, Brenlie and Skyler (Michael's Nephew)

Daddy pulling Brenlie in the empty box of diapers

Brenlie in her OU onezie and Dora hat

Brianna playing in the snow!

Brianna & Brenlie playing in the snow

Brianna using her new Big Girl Dora Panties
as her hat.............................Everybody had to
wear the Big Girl Panties on their heads! Even
Papa and Michael.....................

Brianna riding her four wheeler Michael got
them for Christmas.

Brianna and Brenlie have this fasination of
sitting in the refrigerator! They just love to
sit there..................................

Brianna & Brenlie looking really cute sitting in
the refrigerator again!

Brenlie making funny face sitting in the frig!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Girls frist Airplane Trip to CA and Christmas


Brenlie & Mommy

Michael & His Parents Bill & Angie Sharp with
Brianna & Brenlie Dec. 26th

The girls tearing into Christmas Gifts

Nanny & Papa "T" got them a wagon

Michelle & Michael watching the girls open gifts

The girlsin California visitng Nanna & Papa "T"

The girls palaying in their suitcase in CA when
we went to spend Christmas @ Nanna & Papa "T's"

The girls got to meet their step-brother for the
first time and Zach wa a big hit with the girls!
They loved him (especially Brenlie) he cared
her all around. They had seen his picture on
the wall at their house, but now they know who
he is.

Nanna "T", Zach & Brenlie

Brianna opening a gift!

Michelle, Zach & Brenlie

Nanna "T", Brianna, Zach, Michelle, Brenlie & Rylie
(Nanna "T's" puppy)

Michelle & her friend Christina who were like
sisiter's in High School. They got to reunite &
have a good time together. Christina spent
alot of time at our house out in California!
It was sure good to see her & her family......

Christina, RJ (Christina's husband), John Cox
and John Browkosky (All High School friends
of Michelle's from California. they had a good
time getting together!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Girls 1st Day of School after Mommy Started Working Full-Time Again!

Sept. 8th was the girls first day of pre-school and
Grandpa & Grandma "T's" last day with the girls
so they got to go with Michelle to take the girls
to their Daycare School. Grandma T is pretty sad
to have to leave, but really glad she got to see where
the girls will be staying. The girls really like their
teachers and enjoying bringing home the things
they make to Mommy!

Grandpa & Grandma T's Labor Day Week Visit

Mommy & Daddy drying off Brenlie

Grandpa "T" is our professional photographer, he doesn't get in the pictures cause he is taking them. When they were here in over Labor Day he took some really cute pictures of the girls.
These are just some of the fun we had with them...........

Dad & Brenlie

Silly Brenlie

Brianna is watching a Kitty Cat

Funny Brianna!


Brianna & Brenlie

Brainna Posing

Brianna walks like she is dancing

Pretty Brianna

Funny Brenlie

The Girls!

Brenlie uses her hands alot!
Grandma "T" & Brianna

Funny, Funny Brenlie

Pretty Girl!

Grandma "T" & Her Girls!

Both Grandma's enjoying Their Girls!

Grandma "T" has an alarm on her watch, The girls wait to here it go off!